Hussar of Independence 

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Born 3 May 2003, snow cap, black based. Final size approx. 165 cms (16.2 hh +).
Photo: Sabine Schafhausen, stallion grading ZfdP Lentfoehrden 31 March 2006


S: Norkrons Harlequin, fully licensed at PSH – winner of his breed class, 30 days performance test
Full bay leopard
SS: Xanthos, SD: Columbine af Aagaard
D: Elite/Premium Mare Catherin of Independence, main book ZfdP, several champion titles,
listed in the performance book of the FN (German Horse Association), part D
Full seal brown leopard
DS: Theis Lynghoj, DD: Chiquita of Mountain
Pure bred (7/8 in 3rd gen.), 2 times inline bred to the famous stallion Rasmus af Damgard.


- Premium Foal of ZfdP
- Champion Foal Knabstrupper ZfdP County Show Tarmstedt, Lower Saxony
- First Prize Knabstrupper Colt Foals Northern Germany, Bargfeld-Stegen
- Champion of Knabstrupper Foals Northern Germany, Bargfeld-Stegen
- fully licensed, Stallion Book I Knabstrupper, 31 March ZfdP Lentfoehrden
- Premium Stallion
- Best Stallion with ZfdP-Branding, Stallion Grading ZfdP Lentfoehrden 2006
- Champion Stallion of Ponies und Special Breeds, Grading ZfdP Lentfoehrden 2006

A strong, well built stallion of a harmonic classical type, with well set neck and good shoulder.
Good top line, solid conformation. Final size approx. 165 cm.
Outstanding gaits with a good length, elastic and precise movements; good working through the back, galop with good move upwards tendency and well set, walk well set at a good length, trot powerful, straight and forward.

Wonderful character, easy to handle, willing to perform, intelligent, honest.

Good health, robust, easy to feed.

Performance Ability:
As in reference to his pedigree he is an allrounder, who does have outstanding gaits that are essential for the dressage, but does also show good jumping technique as well as foresight to jumps and coolness.

This stallion does inherit all positive abilities of his parents. Two full brothers do exist. Furthermore, it seems that he – due to his colour – is homozygous for producing leopard colour patterns.

Hussar of Independence stands as an example for well planned breeding showing the classical Knabstrupper type combined with best riding horse abilities and performance willingness; a real power pack that speaks for itself.

Hopefully frozen semen for our foreign customers will be available soon.
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